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Left shoulder to arm pain


Hi All.. iam behalf of the patient Nagaraj Kumar writing this review.. My father had severe pain in his left shoulder to his arm from past 3months. We consulted huge number of doctors and experts to get rid of the pain. None of the pain killer nor physiotherapy suggested by any of the doctors cured the pain. Later we got to know DR.Yogesh pithwa from our relative and after all consultation we had last hopes with Dr yogesh sir. Dr.yogesh sir did step by step review and finally concluded the pain is because of cervical slip disc and this is the reason for left arm shoulder pain.. i really wonder none of the exerts could find this problem except Dr. Yogesh. My father was treated with surgery and he is completely cured with pain and he is staying normal as before. I Thank Dr. Yogesh pithwa for giving us peace to our family


Response from Sattvik Spine | Spine Surgeon

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation!

Best spine doctor


My Dad has been a patient of Dr. Yogesh Pithwa for at least the last 12 years. Dr. Pithwa is extremely systematic and thorough in his approach in helping to identify the root cause of the problem and most importantly conservative is his recommended course of action – surgery only if absolutely required. We remember from 12 years ago, while other doctors had told us that my Dad absolutely needed back surgery, Dr. Pithwa on the other hand had prescribed some exercises, some dos and don’ts, a few meds after which my Dad was perfectly fine and no surgery was required. Dr. Pithwa is extremely passionate about what he does and has the gift of instilling confidence in his patients and putting them at ease.

Thank you doctor – every time we visit you for a consultation we know that we are in good hands.

Jerome Benny

Response from Sattvik Spine | Spine Surgeon

Thanks a lot for your kind words. I just treated your Dad the same way I would have treated my own Dad! 🙏



Hi everyone myself doctor by profession met with trauman to spine 14 years back and was operated 14 years back till today I don’t have any complaints ,it’s all because of my Dr Yogesh pithwa I’m leading my normal life and also my profession,I got my second life because of Dr Yogesh pithwa I thank wholeheartedly to my spine surgeon Thanking you sir Dr YOGESH PITHWA


Response from Sattvik Spine | Spine Surgeon

Being a surgeon yourself, I am sure you will agree that we are only instruments in the hands of God!🙏

Recovery of my daughter


Very good doctor. My daughter had L1 fracture and we were very worried. Got suggestion to see Dr. Yogesh. Very polite and friendly doctor. After 3 months now, my daughter is fine and is back to normal.


Response from Sattvik Spine | Spine Surgeon

I treated your daughter the same way as I would have treated my daughter!🙏

Spinal pain treatment


We first visited Dr. Yogesh Pithwa when he was attached wih Hosmat Hospital. His treatment worked like a magic and my wifes pain was cured. We would always recommend Dr. Pithwa whenever you have spine related issues

Jiniya Goswami

Response from Sattvik Spine | Spine Surgeon

Thanks for your kind words of appreciation.

Trusted Clinic


The doctor is very experienced and has performed surgery on my father. Extremely supportive and smooth treatment was provided. Will definitely recommended without a doubt for anyone having concerns of spine

Keshav Agarwal

Response from Sattvik Spine | Spine Surgeon

Thanks for your kind words! These go a long way in motivating us!

My mother and one of my close relatives Spine issue Fixed by Dr.Yogesh K Pitva Sir.


My mother and aunty was suffering with spine issue since 5yrs. We were consulted many doctor’s in Hyderabad and Bangalore, no solutions found. Finally we met Dr.Yogesh, he had done surgery, after surgery my mother was so fit with no spine issue which she was suffered a lot in her past. My entire family thankful to Dr.Yogesh, we felt like you are god to us…once again thank you so much sir for your care and good treatment to wards us..


Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar

Response from Sattvik Spine | Spine Surgeon

Thanks for your kind words! We are only instruments in the hands of God!

Good doctor


Excellent service. Doctor is so polite .v r very much impressed.

Dr M.T.Ramamani

Response from Sattvik Spine | Spine Surgeon


Excellent Spine specialist/surgeon. Do meet Dri Yogesh Puthwa for any issues related to your spine/back bone.


Dr. Yogesh is incredible. We had a wonderful experience right from initial appointment Till the surgery and discharge. Dr. Yoges ensured and tracked all the requirements for the treatment for my mom spine surgery. It was really easy and he made us so comfortable. We did not panic or fear as he clearly explained everything. Best part of Dr. Yogesh is he sticks on to the schedule or plan. Not even a single action delay in his treatment process. Right from admission till discharge he gives us full clarity on treatment and plan and does not make us slog at hospital unnecessarily. My mom was never ok with surgery but after meeting Dr. Yogesh she gained lot of confidence. He is so polite, humble and best part is not in money making process. He is more concerned on patient than anything else. You don’t have to fear on hefty hospital bills with Dr. Yogesh as he made sure the overall cost of the surgery and treatment is affordable and not expensive. He helps even with diagnostic tests by talking to the diagnostic center and reducing cost.

This is second surgery with him as my dad also had spine problems and he helped my dad now get away from that pain he had due to damage to his spine.

Overall 5 stars is too less I wish to give him more than that. He could make my mom walk with in two days of surgery. U must visit him for any spine related problems.

Shivakumar K S

Response from Sattvik Spine | Spine Surgeon

Thanks for your kind words. 🙏

Good treatment and good doctor


Satvik spine center is very good treating the patients very well. My husband underwent spine surgery. He is happy. Dr Yogesh Pithwa is so good and an expert doctor according to me.

Dr. M.T.Ramamani

Response from Sattvik Spine | Spine Surgeon


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