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In addition to regular consultation facilities, Sattvik Spine & Scoliosis Center also hosts the following services

X-ray facilities

Portable Siemens multimobil 2.5 machine in Sattvik Spine & Scoliosis Center has helped instantaneous radiographs for patients. The sharpness of this x-ray machine has been enhanced by Fuji Digital Radiography. Standing full-length spine x-rays are also facilitated by the Fuji stitching software that allows for complete profiling of the spine that is so very much beneficial in assessing spinal pathologies.

    Other diagnostic facilities

    Sattvik Spine & Scoliosis Center has also tied up with a local diagnostic facility that allows for spot collection of blood samples as well as provides for free transport to the nearby diagnostic facility for advanced imaging when necessary.



    My name is Murugesh, aged 49, from Bangalore. I was having very bad pain and was experiencing difficulties with spinal back pain for past 10 years. After consulting Dr. Yogesh K Pithwa, and by his advice, treatment and surgery, I am in good condition. I was unable to walk sleep, stand. But after his successful treatment and operation I have got a rebirth and I really thank God and I pray for him with almighty God every day.God bless him and his family.


    I came to Indian from USA along with my wife to get surgery for my neck pain and for my wife’s back pain. I showed to several doctors in USA but I felt more comfortable with Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa, a very decent doctor that I have seen in my life. I was very scared about my surgery because it is a spine surgery but the way I was operated and my wife was operated by Dr, Yogesh K. Pithwa, I had no fear and felt that I am in safe hands. God bless Dr. Pithwa.


    I had a fracture on my back due to an accident and I was suggested to go for a surgery by local ortho specialists in my native town. But Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa treated me without surgery. I was recovered after 6 months just wearing a belt and medication prescribed by him. I am grateful to Sattvik Spine & Scoliosis Center and Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa for the treatment that healed my back.


    I had a degenerative lumbar disc problem. I underwent a spine surgery for the same with Dr. Pithwa. Before the surgery, a lot many people had advised me against undergoing a spine surgery. But spine surgery has helped me a lot. I feel that wearing a traction belt and lying in the bed for a long time is actually a painful and boring experience especially for a young person like me. Spine surgery has helped me recover faster and I feel that it is a much better and efficient way of getting cured from backache.

    DP, Architect, Bangalore, India

    My mother had been suffering with acute back pain for six months, which was diagnosed with fever. There was infection in the L1 and L2. We checked with lots of doctors’ surgery and hospitals and finally landed at HOSMAT, where we met Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa. I would say that with the surgery for my mother was a rebirth for her.I would like to thank Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa, without whom my mother would not have survived. He has truly been a God to us. Please consult him if you have any spine problems. Thank you doctor.

    VANI M.

    Really we have found a rebirth to my wife who was suffering from bone TB. We found the doctor very humble in treating the patient and even explaining clearly to the attendants of the patients which is more appreciated Even the fee seems to be very nominal. Thank you for your service. Even though we have medical facilities at our working area, I find Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa is the right person to cure various spine and bone problems.


    I had been suffering from back pain due to L4 and L5 spondylolysis since two and a half years. I consulted many doctors. However, my hope for recovery was going down day by day. I got my surgery done with Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa. To be very frank, I was skeptical about my recovery. However, following the surgery, I am feeling really better.

    AZ., College Student, Maldives

    I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2002. It was because of my posture while sitting and walking that I got to know that something is wrong. I underwent the surgery with Dr. Pithwa. It was a painless experience. For all the other patients suffering with scoliosis, I would recommend that please do not delay the surgery. Even if your deformity is not causing you any harm now, it may do so later on. If you really need to undergo a surgery, please go for it! Do not be scared, you are just getting your problem rectified!!

    RR, Dental Student, Bangalore, India

    I was having leg and back pain. I couldn’t walk properly years after years; but under doctor’s treatment I could walk, drive properly. I am quite confident that under his treatment my anxiety is over. I lead a regular life now. Doctor is extremely helpful .


    I was diagnosed with C5-6 cervical disc herniation which was causing me severe pain in the right hand. Dr. Pithwa did a microdiscectomy and my hand pain completely vanished within 24 hours. I am very glad to have been treated by Dr. Pithwa. Though I came from Darjeeling, I did not feel out of place due to his care and attention.

    SA, Hotelier, Darjeeling Hills, India

    I was suffering from lumbar disc herniation. I was advised microdiscectomy. lt was difficult initially to reconcile to the fact that I required surgery but the possibility of a permanent cure to a 5-year old problem helped me adjust. The surgery itself was very smooth and the care was top notch. I could walk the next day following the surgery. For all the other patients with spine problems, I would say that if there is no alternative to surgery, then go right ahead!

    SG, Software Consultant, Bangalore, India

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